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Guidelines for formation of empowered citizens groups

Cohesive and empowered groups of like minded people who:

(a)Realize a void exists between what citizens should get and what they get

(b)Feel the need to have this void filled by self empowerment

(c)Are willing to coordinate activities and assert themselves without fear

(d)Do not have an elitist attitude

(e)Do not represent vested interest groups or lobbies

(f)Are willing to work voluntarily and selflessly towards a positive goal


Names: Citizens Forum / Mohalla Committee / Sudhar Samiti / Vikas Mandal / Sanghatana



(a) Disinterest shown by representatives, once elected, to work towards public interest

(b) Deplorable conditions prevalent all around

(c) Disinterest / Apathy / Complacency on part of the public

(d) Lack of Community Welfare / Promotion of Self Interest

(e) Lack of Integrity and Moral Values

(f) Nexus between the politicians and the bureaucrats



(a) Evolution of productive energy

(b) Maximising output with minimum input

(c) Networking with Common Interest NGO’s and Voluntary groups

(d) Strengthening common platform in order to achieve goals



(a) Civic and Social rights

(b) Environmental issues

(c) Women and Children issues

(d) Educational awareness

(e) Health and Literacy



(a) Firm yet flexible

(b) Registered and Formal

(c) 5 to 10 office bearers for discharging duties



(a) Must contribute selflessly once committed

(b) Must contribute by way of revenue or sponsorship

(c) Must ideally include Professionals / Senior Citizens / Youth and Retired Officials



(a) Discussion to review options / opinions

(b) Decision on plan of actions

(c) Open house seminars / In Camera meetings

(d) Result in direct access to administration, governance and implementing bodies

(e) Goal is conciliation of opposing view points, not confrontation

(f) Representation on panels / Commissions



(a) Development of Civic Amenities

(b) Waste Collection and Management

(c) Public Transport / Roads and Traffic Congestion

(d) Slum Rehabilitation

(e) Encroachments / Misuse of land / Unauthorised structures

(f) Environment and Pollution

(g) Keeping the city green. Planting and care of Trees

(h) Health Care

(i) Literacy and Awareness

(j) Population explosion

(k) Criminalisation of Politics


Role of Media:

(a) Enhanced involvement

(b) Creating awareness of pressure groups to the public

(c) Active and investigative role rather than passive and reporting role

(d) Reinforce activities of pressure groups


Information required initially:

(a)Name, address and telephone number of the corporator of your area

(b)Zonal Commissioner, Ward officer, Ward Number, Ward Map and Ward Area

(c)Police station, police officer in charge, population in that area

(d)MSEB and Telecom officers

(e)List of problems prevalent in your area



(a)Pune is unique since it has a very active and knowledgeable community.

(b)Individuals must work cohesively without prejudice of religion, caste, creed or language. (c)Citizen can create a ripple effect for a better tomorrow.

(d)Change attitudes of moaners and groaners who either brush problems under the carpet thinking they will disappear or feel that someone else should deal with them since they themselves have no time.

(e)Citizens are a resource, their participation can enhance community welfare.


NSCC has 35 Mohalla committees currently. A representative of each Mohalla committee attends. NSCC meetings in order to exchange ideas and help solve local problems.

Contact: Satish Khot at ; Gautam Idnani at Satish Khot President, National Society for Clean Cities-Pune