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About National Society for Clean Socities, Pune

NSCC, Pune (National Society for Clean Cities, Pune) The National Society for Clean Cities was founded in the 1960’s in Mumbai by Begum Ali Yavar Jung, the wife of the then Governor of Maharashtra. It was founded with a single objective, that is, to make Mumbai a clean city. Her concept of a ‘Clean City’ extended to healthy governance and elimination of corruption, along with the goal of making Mumbai a pollution-free city. NSCC, Pune, which works independently in this city, shares this basic vision. We hope to improve the quality of life of the citizens of Pune by helping to enhance infrastructure and facilities and ensure the maintenance of a green environment.


NSCC does not believe in merely criticising the working of the local government bodies; we believe in searching for better alternatives. We firmly believe that more can be achieved if the people work along with the government bodies instead of being in conflict with them. This is the philosophy we use in the way we work. We are happy to join hands with various local governing bodies like the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), the PCB, Pune Police, Forests Department and so on and we also work with other like-minded NGOs. NSCC, Pune is the umbrella body which guides the numerous mohalla committees in the city. Each mohalla committee is made up of responsible citizens who are committed to improving their neighbourhood. In a country like ours, where numbers are large, it may be difficult for government officials to be in touch with the grievances plaguing the local residents. This is where Mohalla committees can make a valuable contribution. A mohalla committee holds monthly meetings with the ward officer (area in-charge) in attendance. Issues pertaining to environment, health and hygiene, solid waste management, water, electricity, traffic, etc are discussed and a suitable plan of action is formulated with the ward-officer’s help. The effectiveness of the NSCC lies in its bringing together the government officials responsible for administering a ward and committed citizens willing to offer their time, energy and, sometimes, expertise along with their close knowledge of the requirements of their neighbourhood. NSCC has created a platform for interaction of citizens and PMC officials. In the few years since NSCC has become a dynamic driving force, it has been seen that the Mohalla Committees have done excellent work in pointing out and prioritising the needs of their neighbourhoods. They also perform the important function of bringing in a transparency in matters of administration since they are involved at every stage of the implementation of a project. The budget and projects of a ward used to be unknown to the citizens who lived in that ward. A major leap forward has now been taken with participative budgeting. The mohalla committee now has a say in how the budget assigned for the development of a ward is to be used. Participative governance is what NSCC believes in. Citizens deserve to have a say – and a hand – in how their neighbourhood is to develop. With the growing concern of citizens about effective and able governance and the desire for a better quality of life, the role of Mohalla Committees has become crucial. Initiatives taken up by NSCC, Pune: Solid waste management including garbage segregation and Vermi-composting Preserving open spaces Leading the fight for the Green Development Plan for Pune Preventing indiscriminate dumping in the river Cleaning the river Saving water bodies from destruction Citizens’ participation in budget making for their wards Voter registration drive Organising a platform for voters to meet and discuss with their election candidates Being the voice of Pune’s citizens.