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Some of the initiatives & activities taken up by NSCC, Pune

Solid Waste Management
We have made a sustained effort to bring about a transformation in the citizens of Pune as well as in PMC’s approach towards solid waste management. NSCC have been pioneers in building awareness of the need for garbage segregation and composting at source.


Green Development Plan
NSCC led the fight for preserving the Green Development Plan for the 23 fringe villages of Pune. We collected over 70,000 signature opposing the converting the area into a concrete jungle.


Citizens’ Participation in PMC Budget
At the behest of NSCC, PMC agreed to commence Citizens Participation in the PMC Budget process. For the last 5 years citizens are now involved in budget making for their wards as well as for their city.


Encroachments and Hawkers Zones
NSCC has been working to preserve all open spaces in Pune. It has been agitating against encroachments on the footpaths as well as bringing to the attention of PMC the misuse of residential, basements and parking areas in the city. It has been working with PMC to get them to implement a hawkers’ policy and allocate and build Hawkers’ Zones in each Prabhag.


Preserving the Green Environment
As the green cover in Pune has been shrinking due to indiscriminate construction, NSCC’s mohalla committees have been organising tree plantations in their areas. NSCC also has a continuing campaign of No to Plastic Bags to prevent their rampant use.


Cleaning the River, Nallahs & Odhas
The rivers, nallahs and odhas are ignored by the PMC and citizens dump waste in them. NSCC keeps a watchful eye on indiscriminate dumping of rubble in the river. Its mohalla committees have been conducting campaigns for cleaning the river by regular involvement of Punekars.


Preserving Lakes
NSCC has been in the forefront of saving water bodies in Pune from destruction. The Model Colony Lake has been made a picturesque site after over a decade of litigations and protests. It is now trying to prevent the Dhanori Lake from being filled up with rubble and have a commercial site built on its 27 acre surface.


Citizen Election Watch
A Citizen Election Watch was spearheaded by NSCC 2 years ago and details of all candidates were made public. On the basis of this information, all the mohalla committees organised platforms for voters to meet and discuss with their candidates. Further, NSCC has been conducting voter registration drives for many years.


And there are many more initiatives taken up by NSCC, Pune and its members.


In fact, NSCC has been the voice of Pune’s citizens as well as its conscience.